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Beautiful, appropriate solutions. Eppelheimer Graphic Design is Marianne and Michael Eppelheimer, respectively, Swiss and American designers living in Kansas City, Missouri, raising a Swiss-American son and daughter. Marianne and Michael met while at the Basel School of Design in Swtizerland, attracted by their common love of typography, formal beauty, art, food and music. We bring communications projects from concept to completion, on screen and paper, on walls and buildings. We have designed identity systems, publications, advertising, trade fair environments, websites across devices, apps and software GUIs. We have designed for musicians, museums, restaurants, architects, software, construction, and more. We really love what we do and do it very well.

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Sonarpilot makes ambient electronic music, seeing himself as a guide to the listener through sonic land-, sky- and star-scapes. To effectively communicate on and offline, Sonarpilot needed an identity system for artist and label with logo, logotypes and icons to help identify him consistently through various social networking and collaborative music sites like Facebook and Soundcloud. As well as populating the Web 2.0 communities, Sonarpilot needed a central homepage (sonarpilot.com) with track and artist information, that should equally reflect the identity. The identity encompasses di and gitalprint work including CD & EP design.

In this closely collaborative project we discussed and mapped musical and artistic influences and gathered images into galleries for reference and mood in design development. The overall theme concentrates on the journey, approaching the design as if it where a futuristic travel company with roots in retro-space-age design from the 30s to the 90s, leavened with a helping of swiss-modernism. Each track on the site is supported by an individual animation utilizing the artist's own photography. The site and identity explore the spaces between the graphic and the tonal.

Design Issues

We were asked to create a cover for Design Issues – "The first American academic journal to examine design history, theory, and criticism, Design Issues provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design."

For this issue (Interaction Design Research), design started with a gridded breakdown of the cover to reference the screen/computer and all elements are built on this grid. The contents page and author names are brought out onto the cover as a principle element and the composition is approached from back to front cover holistically.

Some of the conventions found in the essays were also taken out onto the cover, applying an "@" symbol before chapter page numbers as well as placing the symbols where bullets would usually appear. "Complete" is also a reference from the documents and applied to the back cover to signify the end. The pixelated hand on the back cover is the only readable reference to the "human" other than the approach, which was to create a dynamic and powerful composition within an extremely restricted framework/grid.

Day Software

As one of the most forward thinking content management and infrastructure software companies around, Day's website needs to communicate to a number of different target groups: management and decision makers like CEOs & CIOs, software developers in the content management industry, independent software developers interested in Day's open source activities, Day implementation partners, industry press and Day shareholders.

In the site design, clear compartmentalization of areas allows quick switching of content elements, a balanced mix of HTML, CSS and Flash that presents enough color and animation to draw the viewer in without overwhelming them, and a clear hierarchy of information supports the long investment in brand while balancing many communications needs.

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toldeo makes instruments for research, scientific, and quality control labs in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries. They needed an email signature design that would animate to show different products and be designed in a way to facilitate easy translation for their many markets.

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